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Take the stress out of chat engagement

Managed chat bot service for twitch streamers.

Ghosthost provides hosting, support & bespoke module development, built upon a continually customised & upgraded version of the open-source chatbot PhantomBot.


Take the stress away from your local machine & remove an item from the go-live process. 


Constantly improving current features & developing fresh new functionality.


Constantly monitored, upgrades installed for you & general user support as standard.

I decided I would offer the customisations made to my own bot for Twitch over the past several years
to some streamer friends & it grew from there.
Now I love upgrading & improving it!

Phil, Ghosthost FOUNDER & developer

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Highlighted Features

user LED development

Ghosthost takes suggestions from all clients via email, tickets & discord to build new functions.

Remote Access Panel

Access your chatbots interface panel from any device or outsource to moderators.


If you struggle with anything regarding Ghosthost, even live, just hit up the support team.

Bespoke Features

We are constantly adding new features on top of the vast array of functionality in Phantombot

Affordable Pricing

We offer multiple tiers of subscription to the platform, affiliation & referral discounts.

Secure & Daily Backups

SSL encrypted servers backed up regularly give you piece of mind & keep the community data safe.

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A ghosthost Subscription

Ghosthost currently provides a subscription-based payment scheme with no contract, allowing you to stay in control & not tying you down. With monthly, six month & annual payment options, you can choose what suits you best. Life changes fast when you are a creator & as creators ourselves, we understand that!

Latest Updates

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Big UpgradeThe Ghosthost team have worked very hard in doing a big overhaul on the greeting system! It now allows…

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Brand New FeatureThe Ghosthost team are excited about this new feature as it should be a big help to streamers…

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subscription Pricing

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Affiliate Plan

Billed every 30 days

£9.99 First Month
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On-screen Logo (rotation)
All Features & Upgrades
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Standard Support
Managed Bot Updates 

Core Plan

Billed every 30 days

£9.99 First Month
All Features & Upgrades
No Advertisement
Standard Support
Managed Bot Updates 

6 month Plan

Billed every 6 months

16.5% discount from Core
All Features & Upgrades
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Standard Support
Managed Bot Updates 

Annual Plan

Billed Annually

23% discount from Core
All Features & Upgrades
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Standard Support
Managed Bot Updates 

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Our Team


SYS Architect

Server wizardry 95%
Pain in the ass 84%
Cloud over 9000
Web development 75%



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Client Support

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Tech Support 93%


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Contact Us

Contact our team via this form or by any of the social links below to ask any questions you may have or simply to find out more information about Ghosthost.

Don’t be afraid to ask any questions at all, if you are unsure about anything please let us know and we will try to help you as much as we can. We want to help as much as possible!

If you are a client seeking fast technical support, live issue resolution, or pre-stream setup guides, please use our discord & contact our staff or community Alumni. The community is there to help make your experience as smooth as possible!

Ghosthost Client opinions

What Streamers Say

"Ghosthost has fixed & added a range of features that other bots either don't have or work badly. It's easily the best bot running & It helped me streamline as well as add a load of functionality that I was missing & needed before.
Creative Streamer
"Ghosthost has genuinely made streaming a breeze, particularly as a new streamer. The support offered has made a world of difference in getting set up, and growing community"
"For a streamer who has very little time, Ghosthost allows me to focus my time on streaming & not bot maintenance. I have seen very real added value in my streams due to the inclusion of Ghosthost as part of my streaming set up.."

Enhance your stream interaction today!

High quality chat interaction & entertainment at your fingertips. Create custom commands, alerts, events, giveaways and more.
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